AMI Construction 160 GP Silicone Sealant

Application :

Glazing Applications, Weather sealing of sheet cladding and curtain walling, General sealing and assembling, Automobile and wind shield glass fixing, Sealing Air – conditioning systems, Draught proofing, Sealing Doors, Window Frames, Skylights, Port lights, Back lights etc.

Product Characteristics :

AMI CONSTRUCTION 160 GP SILICONE SEALANT is a fast curing one part silicone sealant which cures with atmospheric moisture to form a high strength rubber seal with excellent adhesion to glass, glazed surfaces, metals, most plastics tiles, wood, concrete and other building materials. AMI CONSTRUCTION 160 GP SILICONE SEALANT has excellent physical properties which are designed to give outstanding durability and performance.

Clear, White, Black, Brown, Cream, Ivory, Blue, Red