AMI Fire Stop Acrylic Sealant


Application :

It is formulated for interior use only and is particularly suited for sealing walls and floors which have been penetrated by pipes, conduits or electrical cables in all types of construction and for filling interior voids around HVAC, plumbing and framing.

Product Characteristics :

AMI FIRE STOP ACRYLIC SEALANT is formulated with non-combustible inorganic materials to help prevent the spread of fire, smoke and toxic gases through construction openings. It is the ideal product for residential construction and meets all the sections of the newly adopted international Residential Building Code. In addition, adhesion properties are superior to other products on the market, it literally sticks to the most common construction materials and is semi flexible, It is a one part, non combustible, general purpose fire rated sealant that meets the exceeds the specifications ASTM E-136, It is completely non toxic and contains no asbestos or PCBs, it is easily applied sealant with water cleanup capabilities.